Monday, March 31, 2014

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About Kia Cars

Welcome to our Blog.  Our aim is to give you as much information as we can on Kia vehicles. We made our website  especially for those of you who have hectic schedules and need information in the comfort of your own space and time. We offer a different experience with our vehicles and have trained a team of people that know and understand how precious your time is. They are efficient and accurate and have the skills to make sure you only get the best of your interaction on our website. is part of a strong established International Brand focussed on men and woman who share a sense of adventure. We are a progressive Brand that offers clients a fresh and edgy design on driving and has become known for their urban chic designs. Our Brand is energetic, daring and bold yet reliable and confident. We have proven our quality and attention to detail and listen to our customers. We have developed over the years to become one of the leaders in offering technology at an affordable price. Our clients have called us; ” stylish, fashionable, exciting and adventurous” because we don’t stand back when new challenges arise. We offer a wide range of models suited to any customer that either enters the world of vehicle ownership for the first time, or is looking for a sporty off-roader that will give them the adventure of a lifetime. Our models are designed with detail and precision and continuously change as our clients needs change. We focus on being a young-at-heart brand that will make a customer feel proud to drive one of our models. Safety and peace-of-mind driving is one of the most important objectives in our vehicles and our team is trained to listen to what a client needs in his search for a new vehicle. We value our client’s commitment to a purchase of this nature and respect that they part with hard-earned savings or income. We put extra effort into putting a package together that will benefit them on the long-run. Our red and white logo symbolizes energy and drive and holds a promise that there will be continuous effort put into future designs and creations. We are open-minded and appreciate customer comments and feedback that will ensure we stay on our toes.
With this Blog we would love to chat to you and get your comments and ideas. Please share your thoughts, questions and suggestions with us. You can also stay updated by liking our Facebook Page. 

About KIA MOTORS Internationally

KIA Motors Corporation ( was founded in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. KIA’s focus is to manufacture quality vehicles for the young-at-heart, and KIA manufactures over 2,5 million KIA vehicles a year. KIA Motors is South Korea’s oldest car manufacturer and currently the second largest automobile manufacturer in Asia. Over the years, KIA established themselves as a major international manufacturer of motor vehicles around the world.
The name KIA is derived from the Sino-Korean words “ki”, to come out and “a”, which stands for Asia, jointly expressing “rising out of Asia”, a motoring name well recognised throughout Asia, America, Europe and Southern Africa. As part of the Hyundai-KIA Automotive Group, KIA Motors strives to become one of the world’s best and largest vehicle manufacturers, driving spirited competition in the motoring arena.
KIA Motors expanse reaches across ten (10) countries, which house fifteen (15) KIA vehicle manufacturing plants, with over forty seven thousand (47 000) employees contributing to the assembly, manufacturing, sales and marketing of KIA vehicle models. Each of these motoring houses are responsible for the sale of 2.1 million KIA vehicles per annum throughout one hundred and seventy two (172) countries worldwide, each guaranteeing the KIA quality responsible for the fuelled growth that this automotive brand has encountered.
KIA Automobile Manufacturers are further steered by six (6) Research and Development centres based in Germany, Japan and the USA ensuring that style, design and leading automotive technologies are incorporated into the assembly of our vehicle models. Coupled with automotive technological advancements the KIA Motors global design operation is now under design directorship of Peter Schreyer. Schreyer joins KIA Motors after having achieved respect and groundbreaking success with his hand in the design of the original Audi TT, VW Beetle, VW Golf V, Audi A4 and Audi A6. Peter Schreyer has also had a weighted influence in the design of the Audi R8, Lamborghini Murcielago and Lamborghini Gallardo and notably offering much anticipation to the production of upcoming KIA vehicle designs and styling. Schreyer is now the mastermind behind the KIA brands design line-up and vehicle style activities at the Namyang Design Centre in Korea as well as other KIA design centres in LA, Frankfurt and Tokyo.
The ambitions of KIA Motors are sizable but within reach of achieving. Along with sister company, Hyundai, KIA Motors is reported as being the fifth (5th) largest car manufacturer in the world, leading vehicle innovation and motoring satisfaction onto international showroom floors.
“The Power to Surprise” represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting & inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.